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Revaluation of property and funds has always been important enough financial leverage in enterprises.

Each year in the annual report (balance) of the enterprise reflects the value of its assets. The initial value of the property over time ceases to reflect the real level of public spending and loses comparability.

In general revaluation of fixed assets as a tool to reduce the tax base of the company by reducing the property tax or increase costs and reduce income taxes. Revaluation of fixed assets may also be claimed when placing deposit in a bank, mutual fund or property insurance, as well as preparing the company for privatization or purchase - sale.

Currently, businesses can decide, they need a re-evaluation of assets or not.

Since 2001, the need to revalue fixed assets in accordance with the requirements of the new AR 6/01

Revaluation of fixed assets and assets held by a commercial organization only once a year (at the beginning of the year), with a group of similar reevaluated fixed assets at current (replacement) value by indexing or direct conversion by documented market prices.

Thus, AR 6/01 provides two ways in which to reassess commercial organizations: indexing and direct enumeration by documented market prices.

However, if we use the index method, then the accountant certainly raises the question: what indexes should be used? In AR 6/01 in this respect nothing is said. Thus, it is unclear which indexes to use when you need to count the cost of fixed assets.


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